Best Sites Offering Try Before You Buy

Best Sites Offering Try Before You Buy

  • by Sophia James
  • 8 months ago
  • Online Hypermarket

The way we shop has changed drastically with the emergence of e-commerce. We are no longer necessary to physically shop for clothing, beauty goods, home supplies, or medicines in a store.

Shopping is now convenient than ever thanks to the internet, which allows us to go to our favorite retailer websites, add products to our cart, place our order, and wait for our items to be shipped. In some circumstances, we can even select same-day shipping for our products.

Of course, we have to pay for stuff ahead when buying online, but if we told you that some websites allow you to try products before you buy them? We're not talking about Buy Now, Pay Later services like Klarna and Afterpay. Instead, some merchants allow their consumers to test out a product for a few days before deciding whether or not to retain it or return it. Isn't that great?

While "Try Before You Buy" services are currently restricted, they can grow and be offered by more retailers. So, if you're interested in these services, here's a list of all the brands that allow clients to try their products before purchasing them.

Best Sites That Offer You Try Before You Buy

1. Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Not everything you buy from Amazon can be tried before you buy it. However, Amazon does provide a platform called Prime Wardrobe that allows you to try on garments before purchasing them.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe - Try Before You Buy

If you have Amazon Prime, you can use the Prime Wardrobe service for no extra charge. This service allows you to add items to your cart and have them mailed to you (for free, due to Prime!). Then you have seven days to try on your products and return anything you don't want to retain. It should be noted that not all apparel sold on Amazon is eligible for this service.

What distinguishes this from typical Amazon shopping? Instead of being charged in advance, customers will only be charged for what you use after seven days. This means Amazon Prime Wardrobe is an excellent choice if you can't afford to buy many sizes of something at once.

How to Make Use of Prime Wardrobe

1. Sign in to your Amazon Prime account.

2. Go to's Prime Wardrobe page.

3. Choose the items you desire (up to eight), and make sure the Prime Try Before You Buy option is enabled on this page. Check out after adding to the chart. Remember that you will not be charged at this time.

When the things are delivered to you, you will have seven days to pick what you want to keep, return the items you don't want, and only be paid for the items you want.

2. Warby Parker

Can't decide which eyewear frame to order through online stores? Warby Parker has got you covered. The eyewear company offers a "Home Try-On" programme in which clients can try on five frames (eyeglasses or sunglasses) for free for five working days.

Warby Parker

After five business days, you must return the test frames using the return mailing label provided by Warby Parker. If you like a particular frame, you can purchase your desired set of glasses. As easy as that!

3. Gemist

Do you know a lady who is looking for new jewellery? Send her a link to Gemist, a jewellery shop based in Los Angeles specialising in personalised, made-to-order rings and earrings.

The jewellery company provides a "Try-On" home service in which you can select three-ring types and wear them for two weeks. The service requires a $45 deposit, entirely refunded once you send back your try-on box. After your two-week trial period has expired, you can choose which rings to purchase and modify them to your taste before placing your order.

4. Casper

Have you considered purchasing a new mattress but lack time to test one out? Casper allows buyers to check out mattresses and beds for 100 nights before purchasing them, so today is your lucky day.

Casper - Try Before You Buy Service

A minimum free trial of 30 nights is required so that your body can adjust to a new mattress. If you don't like the bedding within 30 nights, Casper will pick it up and offer you a complete refund. When returning the mattress, make sure it's in good shape with no rips, tears, or stains.

5. Third Love

If you despise bra shopping and can't handle crowds or pushy store employees with measuring tapes, you'll love Third Love. This lingerie company allows women to try on bras for 30 days before choosing whether or not to purchase them.

Third Love

Begin by taking Third Love's online fit questionnaire to discover your bra size – it only takes a few minutes. Following your fit quiz, the company will recommend many bra styles for you to consider purchasing. Once you've decided on the bras, you want to sample, proceed to the checkout page and complete your order. When your bras arrive, try them on and pick which ones you want to keep.

6. Stitch Fix

Have you ever wanted to take your style to the next level but weren't sure how? Then you should probably get familiar with Stitch Fix. This online apparel subscription service allows men, women, and children to customise their purchasing experience.

Customers only need to complete a style questionnaire and pay a $20 styling fee. Thanks to the style questionnaire, Stitch Fix stylists can find the best things for you based on your style, size, and budget. You will then be sent a few items hand-picked by a stylist for you to sample. When you receive the products, you can keep any clothes you want and return any that you don't.

7. Nordstrom Trunk Club

Nordstrom Trunk Club is another online fashion subscription box. The men's and women's personal styling services provide access to popular Nordstrom products. Customers build a profile to tell stylists about their styles, sizes, and budget by taking the style quiz.

Nordstrom Trunk Club

You can request a trunk soon after creating a profile, or you can schedule one for later. A stylist will then curate your trunk with items they believe you will enjoy. Before the trunk is mailed to you, you will have 48 hours to make any modifications. All orders are subjected to a $25 styling fee unless you have a Nordstrom card.

When you receive your parcel, you will have five days to try things on; anything you don't like may be returned, and items you want can be purchased.