A Detailed Guide to Is Target Cheaper for Groceries?

A Detailed Guide to Is Target Cheaper for Groceries?

  • by Sophia James
  • 9 months ago
  • Online Hypermarket

Do you just shop home décor and cleaning supplies at target? And you don't do grocery shopping at Target? Well, it's high time that you start doing so!

Groceries can be a major expense, especially when you have a large family to feed. Is Target cheaper for groceries? Well, keep reading to find out!

Target has always been my go-to option for home décor stuff and other miscellaneous items. I have been following several social media pages run by moms who swear by Target bought stuff. I am also a devoted Target buyer when buying low priced but good quality goods. It never struck me to walk through the grocery aisles until I urgently needed a can of dried tomatoes!

And since that day, I have made uncountable trips for grocery shopping at Target. They have way more variety than any other store.

Reasons why you must do grocery shopping at Target 

  1. Target offers more options and prices

Following my canned tomatoes mission (and recognising I might be onto something), I returned when I needed to do an entire grocery run, curious to see if I could find everything I generally find when I go grocery shopping. More than the joyful mood of the store, the results shocked me.

Not only did I find everything on my list, but I had more options at Target than I had in the stores I had discovered since moving to Austin. Similar prodcuts with the brand name Good & Gather, Target's private food label, were next to the name brand things I was familiar with. I bought Good & Gather organic baby carrots, broccoli & cheese soup, and other pre-packaged salad mixes since they looked nice and were generally cheaper.

• Target's brand is cheaper than others

There are a few items like the cream cheese manufactured under Target's label. And I was shocked to find the massive price difference. The cream cheese that I had been buying was for $3.68, and the one at Target is for only $1.89! That's a steal for me! One tub only lasts me a week because my kids love it on the bagels, so I guess I'll stock up on these from Target!

What finally convinced me that Target could cover all of my grocery needs was that they sell their private label goods alongside, not in place of, big brands. Even more shocking was that the Target goods I sampled tasted better. I'm not always moved away from a brand I've grown to love, so it's nice to know I'll be able to get it there. Other times, it's fantastic to try something new or pay a lot less for a product whose brand I don't care about.

  1. Target wants you to save while you shop

In addition to shopping Target's in-house goods, the retailer offers a variety of other opportunities for committed customers to save money.

• The Target Red Card

Through the Target RedCard, you can get 5% off on purchased items.

• Target Weekly Ad

Even if, like me, you don't complete a full-on research project before going to the store, you should still go on to the app or Target's website and check out their Weekly Ad before your trip. It's about 30 pages long, with the last quarter of the ad devoted to food specials.

One wonderful thing that happened when I did this was that it reminded me about a couple of items I had missed off my list, which turned out to be 30% off. If I had included diapers on my shopping list that week, I could have easily received a $20 gift voucher for spending $100 on diapers. Let me tell you. There's some helpful information in that ad!

• Target Circle

Assume you do not want a RedCard debit or credit card. There are still ways for you to get your money back. Sign up for Target Circle with your first name, last name, phone number, email address, and when you use the app or your phone number to identify yourself to the system, you will earn 1% of your purchases, redeemable at Target later.

Log in to Circle account on Target's website and click the "Target Circle Offers" link, similar to the Weekly Ad but in a more targeted manner to see supermarket offers. Each category has its area, so you can skip right to the food section without being distracted by the 20 or more pages of wonderful discounts on things you didn't realise you needed.

  1. Target's Store design makes shopping easier

You, like myself, may not think "design" is essential when executing the most mundane of errands: grocery shopping. For some reason, when I was upset about having to go to another grocery shop, the whole vibe of Target touched me in a way it hadn't before.

It completely jolted me out of my funk. I eventually found Target's ambience combines features that most people overlook, such as lighting, open space, large aisles, high ceilings, and inventive merchandising. It's just light and cheerful.

And what about those red carts? Target's supermarket carts are the Mercedes Benz of grocery carts. When you go there to acquire an outdoor rug, an electric grill, or an Instant Pot, you may not think much of it, but compare those carts to the ones you receive at your local grocery store. Or perhaps I'm the only one who gets the one cart that requires superhuman strength to keep all four wheels moving in the same direction.

  1. Target Offers Convenient Delivery Options

Although I had been a loyal Target customer for years, this grocery shopping excursion introduced me to the many additional services that, given our new living circumstances, I am eager to test. For example, even though I enjoy going to Target, I'm sure there will be occasions when I need to be more effective with my time. Because they provide the Target Drive Up service, I can have my groceries, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other items delivered to my car after using the Target app.